When my first daughter was born, I was lucky enough to find TWO amazing mom groups that helped me through being a first time parent. In fact, one of those groups still gets together on a regular basis and most of the group are already empty nesters! 

Those groups were a lifesaver.

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During the first few months of my second daughter’s college admission’s process, I was talking with one of my mom friends about how I wish there was a similar type of group for moms who are first time parents to teenagers or first time parents who are navigating the college admissions process.

Believe me, I have searched, there are a ton of Facebook groups, online forums and email lists you can join, but nothing in regards to a more intimate group, much like the mom’s group I joined.

When I whined  to her that I felt so alone, she said, (as she poured me a glass of my favorite wine) “Ok, then you do it.”

And with that College Talk for Moms was born!

Ways to work with me
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1 : 1 Coaching

As your mom coach, I will be your biggest sounding board, advice giver, cheerleader, and reality checker.  Why navigate this world of college admissions alone, when you can do it with a friend to guide you through and give you support and a few laughs along the way?

Need just a check in?

Want ongoing support?

Group Coaching

Friends Don’t let Friends go through the College Application and Admissions Process Alone!

What’s better than to get together with friends, drinking some good wine, pairing it with some snacks and talking about our teenagers?  

New group starting this spring.  Sign up here to be the first to know when we launch.

Do you have a group of friends who want to sit around, drink some wine and navigate the college process together? I can create a group just for you. 

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Speaking Engagements

I love talking about the college admissions process!  Really I do.  

I love watching the audience shift from “OH MY THIS SUCKS!” to “OK, this might not be so bad!”

Whether you are the President of your school’s PTO, Temple Sisterhood, or other parent group, I am happy to speak to your group and talk about all things college admissions!

Not only would it be a college admissions advisor speaking, but another parent who has been through this process (not once, but now going on three times through!)  

Let’s connect parent to parent

Grab the Official Guide to Talking About College with Your Teenager

This guide is full of tips and the approach I believe we ALL need when it comes to talking about college as a family. Trust me, when I say I know because I’ve been right where you are, it comes straight from my experiences!